Welcome to the latest edition of my Video diary in which I document my journey in the online and affiliate marketing world.  If you prefer to tread there is a transcript below the video

Hi everybody, welcome to my weekly update, My adventures in the online and affiliate marketing world. This week, from my usual position here on The Veranda in Gambia, we have a little bit of bird song in the background, sounds of nature, beautiful.

I’ve just been looking at my hair, and if you look back through the videos, you’ll see that it changes colour. I don’t dye my hair. I saw some black hair shampoo in one of the local shops here, bought it, put it on, and it starts black and then fades away. I maybe just go back to grey gracefully. It doesn’t bother me particularly.

Anyway, as usual, play the video at one and a half time speed at least. It’s faster to listen to it, and I believe it makes me sound a bit better.

At the start of the week, Monday evenings, I have a mentoring session with Paul O’Mahoney, my first mentor in the online sphere with the Re-Think Academy. I logged on at the usual time and got a message saying I’ve been removed from the webinar by the organizer. I enjoy these mentoring meetings, which cover all sorts of things. We’ve been looking at the new Lynchin system from Russell Brunson, mindset stuff, and different subjects.

I missed an email about the continuity program. The Think Academy has various stages as you go through. Stage one and two are about social media as a whole, looking at all programs. Phase three, you go into specialties, which I did with the Facebook advertising agency.

The next phase is very in-depth course building and creation. I’m not ready for that yet, so I go back to a continuity program, which allows me to go back a phase or do one of the other specialties like LinkedIn list building or coaching course programs. I’m not sure which way I’ll go yet, as I have other learnings on the go, and the brain can only take so much.

From my mentorship with Paul, I started the Facebook Ad Agency, which is running but needs scaling. The intention is to build 10-20 clients. The money is in their paid advertising.

Mentoring in general is great. There’s more knowledge on YouTube than in all the universities in the world. People ask why not just go to YouTube and teach yourself. If you go to YouTube to learn how to run an affiliate marketing business, you would be overwhelmed with different messages and methods. I think the answer is to get a mentor at whatever level you’re at if you want to progress. I’ve got Paul Mahoney, Dean Holland, and their teams as my mentors. They, in turn, get mentorship from the likes of Russell Brunson, Alex Jeffrey, and other industry leaders. Following Dean and Paul gives access to their learnings from these industry leaders, whose fees are out of my reach.

Living in Gambia, the internet is not always reliable, which is a problem if you work online. I get by with solar, generators, and rechargeable devices. I use two internet providers, one into the house and another for my phone, which I can tether. Starling is expected to roll out here this year, which will be a game-changer for running online businesses.

This week, on the affiliate side of the business, we had tasks for the affiliate system. I allocated two hours on Wednesday for setup, mainly setting up funnels, workflows, contact forms, follow-up emails, and delivering free lead magnets. It took over four hours, as I was careful to listen to all instructions. The automation didn’t work at first because I typed one of the URL addresses incorrectly instead of copying and pasting it. It’s been fixed now.

The blog has an expanded number of posts and comments. This video goes on there, usually with a transcript. The blog now has a newsletter signup with a banner offering the option to sign up for my Steve Mo 34 profit partner newsletter. You can subscribe if you’re watching on the blog or visit store34.com.

Fridays are big learning days with a regular weekly session with Dean on The Beginner’s Advantage and affiliate system. Online work can be lonely, so it’s good to get together with like-minded people, even digitally. This week was more of a summary of what we’ve done so far in the first six weeks. We’ve got new domains, linked them through Cloudflare to WordPress, set up a WordPress blog, and lots of settings in DNS and other acronyms. It’s important because of what’s coming from Google and Yahoo with bulk emailing. Being online means you need to do these things now.

Next week, I’ve signed up for a 7-Day Amazon publishing course. It’s only an hour a day. I’m not chasing shiny objects, just want to learn something different.

I need to sort out my current email list of 1,200 people, with an average open rate of 30%. I need to get rid of anyone who hasn’t engaged in the last 30 days and transfer the rest to my new list. I might ask the list to join my new Steel More 34 Profit Partner newsletter list to ensure they are double opted-in.

I’ve got a new Facebook group I’m setting up. I need to do the setup and put some posts on it so that when I start inviting people, that’s something to look at.

I love AI uh it’s no secret I love it,  and I use it quite a lot in my businesses and  actually you can now create your own little  GPT’s on the Chat GPT system (platform).  I may be having a look during the week sometime.   On things like this I do need to strictly limit myself or I can get lost and sit in there for hours too-ing and fro-ing about and got nowhere and not get everything else done.

I do have the discipline these days though to limit the amount of time I spend there so you know if it’s would half an hour looking at this I will set an alarm half an hour it’s time get out, get on with someone else.

I think no doubt yet we’ll be flooded with lots and lots of new earning opportunities around that from the so-called experts in the in the AI field.   Just remember that you developers who have been sort of developing this technology for what 10 years 10 years plus I don’t know no one has more than just over a Year’s worth of experience with it.  Ill just say love to use it as a partner it helps with ideas this this this video yeah I take the transcript from YouTube give it to Chat GPT and tell it to go through the transcript and take out the filler words and give me a finished article that I can I can just sort of tidy up and then use that as the as the transcript.  It just takes it about I don’t know seconds, less than a minute anyway.

Any research you need online as well it’s brilliant it scans the internet a lot faster than I can then brings the information you want back and gives you the references that that that it’s  taken you from.  I read somewhere that it can save the sort of average  businessman entrepreneur about 10 hours a week so you know using Chat GPT to automate some of the things you’re doing – 10 hours saved, that’s not a be sniff at is it.   You know that’s a full working day a little bit uh you saving a week so you can’t beat that really.

I think it’s here to stay. I don’t know what your thoughts are I will actually be doing a  blogpost with my thoughts on Chat GPT and if you want to have a look and sort of leave a comment on it to let me know what your your  opinion is so I’m look with the blog it’ll be there today I would guess I dot know today or tomorrow  Comment on it and let me know your thoughts on it.

So that’s about it for this week and I say thank you as always for watching.

I hope you have a brilliant week

Bye for now.

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