Unlocking Success Through the Power of Words

I was recently on a live webinar with mind power coach Robin Banks (I know, that sounds like a dodgy profession rather a name!) on the power a positive mindset.  Little did I know that the main focus of the webinar was positive self talk, something that I’ve been studying and practising daily for the past 3 months AND seeing excellent results too.  I realise that my mother telling everyone, including me that Stephen is very quiet and shy sent a message to my sub conscious mind that I was quiet & shy, as well as numerous other negative messages I received growing up had created some fairly powerful negative neural pathways in my brain.

In the journey of life and success, the path we tread is often defined by the conversations we have with ourselves. The essence of achieving one’s dreams can be distilled into three pivotal questions. WHAT do I want? HOW do I get there? WHO will show me how? These questions form the bedrock of success, guiding us to emulate the footsteps of those who’ve carved their paths before us.

However, it’s crucial to understand that knowledge alone doesn’t unlock the doors to success; it’s the application of this knowledge that empowers us. This principle underscores a vital truth: success is more psychological than mechanical. Consider two individuals with identical backgrounds and doing exactly the same work in the same location, yet one outshines the other. The difference? It’s not in the mechanics of their actions but in the mindset fueling those actions. The underperformer, shackled by limiting beliefs, fails to realize their potential, highlighting the profound impact of psychological barriers.

The mind, a tireless worker, operates on the principle of neuroplasticity—’neurons that fire together, wire together.’ This suggests that our brain’s wiring can be altered, or ‘re-booted,’ to foster a more positive outlook. With billions of neurons at our disposal, the vast majority remain untapped, presenting an immense potential for growth and development whatever our age.  Latest research shows that our brain changes and creates new neural pathways throughout our lives so whatever age we are, we can literally change the programming of our brain with positive self talk and the repetition of it

At the heart of every monumental achievement is a simple thought. The empires of today, like Apple, were once mere ideas. This brings to light the indispensable role of positive self-talk. Our self-perception shapes our reality; we become what we believe and achieve what we envision. Yet, our default state often leans towards negativity, a habit that can be transformed by consciously adopting a more positive narrative.

From personal observation, the transition from a ‘not too bad’ outlook to ‘I’m feeling great today’ when asked how one is can significantly alter your interaction with the world, proving that happiness isn’t tethered to material wealth but to our internal dialogue.

To foster this transformative habit, I recommend the Self Talk+ app by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, a tool that I use daily. Consistency is key; engaging in positive self-talk for 66 days (which research shows is the number of  days for a new habit to be formed)  can ingrained this practice into your life, with noticeable changes manifesting in as little as 30 days. I I’ve arranged for you to get a 30 day trial of the app by clicking of the banner below,

Embrace the power of positive self-talk, and watch as your brain transforms from your biggest enemy to your greatest friend.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject of Self Talk CLICK HERE to download a of my free 7 Day Challenge to Reframe Your Inner Thought  and see the banner below to get a free trial of the Self Talk App.


One thought on “The Transformative Power of Positive Self-Talk”
  1. Hi Steve,
    Great blog! I truly believe that our success starts first by us believing in ourselves. If that entails making sure that you repeat it to yourself daily: so be it!
    I started reading positive books several years back and never looked for anything else.
    The old adage that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” is so true; nurture your mind and you’ll nurture your life.
    All the best.

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