As I mark another year around the sun, reaching the age of 67, a number that aligns with the new retirement age which is being introduced here in the UK in the next couple of years,  I’m prompted to reflect on the notion of retirement itself.

Did I hang up my boots as the clock ticked past this milestone which for me was last year Far from it. Instead, I find myself immersed in a whirlwind of activities and ventures, arguably more engaged and active than ever before.

My journey in the window blind industry may have taken a different turn with the closure of my factory, yet my passion for the field hasn’t waned. Going forward I plan to channel this passion into mentoring, guiding my protégés through the intricacies of establishing and running a window blind (some of you may call them shades I guess) sales and fitting business and helping them to source blinds at competitive trade prices, ensuring they too can carve out a prosperous livelihood here in the UK.  I may even venture out selling and fitting a few jobs here and there to keep me active and earn a few pounds.   I have people who are late 70’s who are operating this business part time from home and earning a good part time.

The digital realm though has also captivated my interest, with my online endeavors taking shape in a Facebook advertising agency and affiliate marketing ventures. My goal for the year is to scale these projects, streamlining processes and delegating tasks, particularly in the agency,  to outworkers, thus freeing me to work on projects like the growth of business,   Parallel to these pursuits, I oversee a quaint bar and restaurant nestled in The Gambia. While I may not be present on the ground, my directive role is pivotal in steering the establishment towards profitability, despite the lingering challenges in the hospitality and tourism sectors post-COVID.

I guess I’m blessed with reasonably good health, apart from battles with high blood pressure, I seem to have dodged the arthritis that started to trouble my dad in his early sixties.  That may actually be due to not following him into the farming business where he was out harvesting vegetables in the cold wet winter months in the UK. That wasn’t for me.  I do intend to continue working for as long as I can BUT have a healthy work/leisure balance,  and obviously an online business fits in perfectly with that,

The good news (in some ways) for those of us clocking up the years is the increase of the developed world’s longevity trend. From a median age of 33.9 years in 1974 to 40.7 years in 2021, the UK’s demographic landscape has shifted significantly, promising an older, yet vibrant population.  In the UK alone I believe there are over 10 million people older than me.  So on the odd days that I feel old when I wake in the morning I remender this!

This extended lifespan, however, introduces a daunting question.  Will our financial resources sustain us through our extended years?  This query led me to explore and stress the importance of a side hustle, particularly in the realm of online business and affiliate marketing. These avenues not only offer financial security but also provide a platform for continuous engagement and productivity beyond traditional retirement and as I said earlier they can fit in well with having a perfect balance between work and leisure time for which you will have the resources to enjoy to the full.

With over two years of experience in establishing a business in the online space and over 25 years in scaling offline businesses, I believe I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and insights beneficial to anyone looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. I invite you to join my SteveMoore34 Partner Profit newsletter, where I commit to sharing this treasure trove of experiences, aiming to empower and guide you towards success.  Hop on this by clicking on the box on the left panel or clicking here.

As I look back on my journey and the paths yet to be travelled,  I’m reminded of the humour and reality of financial planning for the future.  I recall a social media post which said something along the lines of “I’ve finally saved enough to last me the rest of my life…  As long as I die by next Friday”  😉

I stand firm in the belief that with the right strategies, dedication, and a pinch of entrepreneurial spirit, we can navigate the twilight years not just with security, but with thriving ambition and purpose and if I can help you along the way please reach out.


13 thoughts on “Celebrating Resilience and Entrepreneurship: A Journey Beyond Retirement”
  1. Are you reaching out to the older folks in your affiliate business? That’s been my interest as well. I think we need to focus on a group we can serve with value and yes, LOVE.

  2. Happy Birthday, Steve! I think with your wealth of knowledge, you would be an incredible mentor! It is so important for people to have a way to make money after retirement. The rising costs and inflation have made retirement really scary. My mom, living on social security, is always reaching out to me for help as her refrigerator breaks, HOA goes up, or a tooth emergency occurs. Learning the skill sets to have a successful affiliate business, takes away a lot of these worries and allows retirement to be designed to do the things we enjoy!

  3. I am coming to appreciate the statement, “age is a state of mind.” Yes, my body may not do what it used to do, but I do have things to offer. Planning for the future is important and it appears you are on this path with by keeping active and adding value with this blog and your business. I wish you much success!

  4. Happy Birthday, Steve!
    Congratulations! You sound like you’re adding enjoyment to your life and are becoming more and more active doing things you enjoy. That’s the life!
    You have a wealth of experience to use as a mentor in your many endeavors.
    Best wishes to you in your next year!

  5. I, too, am 60+ and reaching retirement age, and I do not have much to show for it. I believe finding your passion in life and working towards a goal is more important for me now than ever before. I love reading about others who feel this way and embark on a journey to find happiness and fulfillment in these later years. Great post. Keep up the great work.

  6. Well Steve I’m up 2 on you. I not going to settle for retirement and neither are you….. let’s REFIRE and keep pouring on the steam. Thanks for sharing. I like the Blog Post!

  7. Steve, this is great. Even though we’re labelled as retirement age or retired when we get to a certain number in reality it’s far from it. Your proof of that with what you’ve done with your business and now what you’re doing with the affiliate marketing. This is exactly why people like you are doing affiliate marketing. In the typical way you’d retire and then sit at home. Get a newspaper in the morning and go for a walk and life just goes by. But you’re building this business and it will be amazing. Wishing you great success thanks

  8. Happy belated birthday Steve!
    In reading your blog, I was reminded of what my mother told me growing up: “never forget, you can have everything you want in life – just not all at the same time!”.
    Looking forward to reading your continued journeys in the different avenues presented here Steve! Seems that you’ll definitely be busy!
    All the best!

  9. Wow, this speaks to me! I am in the over 70 group, still working a full time day job. It is a good job, but it isn’t going to help me retire, it just keeps me afloat, and I need a bit more than that. And I want the freedom to travel, just a little and to spend more time enjoying my family. We are going to get there!

    Great post!

  10. Hi Steve! I’m beginning to think affiliate marketing is dominated by retirees! This is certainly my plan as well…building my business to enable me to retire. Window blinds (shades) was certainly a niche market, you would do well advising there online! I hope you had an enjoyable birthday and can look forward to many more in The Gambia!

  11. Steve, I think you bring so much value and hope to an age group that REALLY needs it. I can appreciate that you are showing so many that follow you that this can be done, and truly age is only but a number. I’m excited to follow your journey and witness all the people that you will help to change their lives by leading by example.

  12. Steve,

    First happy birthday 🙂

    Congrats on all the success you’ve had in the offline business world. That experience is very valuable an is transferable to the online world. By combining what you have done and learned from both worlds you bring a unique value and skill set to your prospected clients. Due to this uniqueness you are able to not just bring knowledge but more importantly wisdom that is only accrued through time and experience.

    Next, The great thing about the online space is that anybody at any age can succeed at it if their willing to put in the time and effort.
    Have an awesome day!

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