I believe I’m different to many marketers out there in that in that I don’t promote lots of different offers.  I only offer products that I have bought, used and benefited from and and that are from creators and mentors that have proven to me that they share my own core principles of offering value for money and exemplary customer service.

Today I want to dive deep into my transformative experience with Paul O’Mahony’s Rethink Social Media program. Paul and this program obviously fits into the criterion outlined above.

Embarking on this journey around July 2022, I was intrigued by the potential of social media marketing. As someone already involved in the business world, I was on the lookout for something versatile, something that promised growth and learning, especially with retirement on the horizon. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a remarkable new chapter in my professional career.

The Initial Attraction

It all started with a free webinar led by Paul. His insights and the promises of the Rethink Social Media program resonated with me deeply. This wasn’t just another workshop,  it was a gateway to mastering social media from a business perspective.  Something that I had actively been looking for.  With a compelling offer of a free 2-hour training video and a book, I was hooked. The program cleverly lays down the groundwork for anyone looking to dive in, setting the stage with these invaluable resources.

The Workshop Experience

Deciding to delve deeper, I invested in the workshop – a choice that proved to be both intense and rewarding. Whether you choose the in-person sessions in London, and I believe they are planning more In different countries this year or the virtual ones, the commitment is palpable.

The cost, set at around $500, covers a comprehensive suite, from live welcome calls to an exhaustive online training spanning three days for the in person event or (I believe) four days online. There is a payment plan where you can pay over 3 months and you you can also take a friend along free of charge (or maybe split the cost).  These days are pretty intense all  day sessions, It’s a package designed to thrust you into the upper ranks of social media savvy individuals, armed with knowledge and skills that are indeed rare in today’s digital age.  I think its fair to say that you will know more about social media marketing than 95% of people and that knowledge has a great value

The training comes from various members of the coaching team who specialise in different subjects and they all have their own 6 or 7 figure businesses in  either agencies or coaching.

Along with the 3 or 4 day events there’s free online training to which you have lifetime access

My certificate from the 4 day workshop

The Cascade of Benefits

For your investment, the returns can be immense. From Facebook and Twitter advertising training to programs like Instagalactic an in depth Instagram training , the academy covers a broad spectrum of digital marketing essentials from experts who themselves had 6 and 7 figure businesses in various online ventures.

Additionally, it introduces concepts like Mindset Mastery, Time Management and much more.

In addition to the 2 adult places this stage also offers younger people business training, preparing them for the rapidly evolving business landscape with a free half day workshop and  work book for teens.

Venturing into the VIP Program

The journey doesn’t end there. The VIP program unfolds in phases, starting with a deep dive into social media platforms, establishing your business and branding. Though this segment moves into higher investment territories, the value is undeniable. I’ve personally navigated through phases 2 and 3 so far each offering a unique set of skills and knowledge. Stage 2 splits into 3 groups which specialise in Starting A Facebook Advert Agency, A Linkedin Business to Business leads training  or training on Becoming an Expert and Creating Webinars and Courses,  In phase 3 everyone comes back together to do 12 weeks on webinar and course course creation.  The growth potential is limitless.

Throughout there is weekly live mentoring with Paul who covers wide range of topics including business strategies and building, AI, investment, Mindset, time management and more including keeping you focused and motivated.

The Outcome

Reflecting on my journey, the impact of the Rethink Academy on my professional and personal growth is profound. Not only have I mastered Facebook advertising and have a fledgeling Facebook Advertising Agency, but I’ve also gained a well-rounded understanding of various social media platforms. Paul, with his vast knowledge and unique background in biochemistry, financial advising as well as links with some of the top online marketers and advisors, along with his team of successful online entrepreneurs, provides an excellent learning environment.

In Conclusion

The Rethink Academy isn’t just about learning; it’s about transforming your understanding of social media into a tangible, marketable skill. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend diving into the free resources Paul offers and considering the journey beyond. It’s been a game-changer for me, and it could be for you too. For more insights or if you’re curious about any specifics, feel free to reach out or click on the link below and have a look at the free 2 hour webinar training and make up your own mind.

And thanks for following along on my journey with the Rethink Academy.



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