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Hi there, Steve here and welcome along to this latest edition of my weekly ramblings about my exploits, my learnings in the field of online marketing and affiliate marketing. As usual, for the moment anyway, this time here we’re here on the veranda in my home in Gambia. Actually, this will be the last time we’ll come from here, but more on that later,


So in this video I’m going to try and say, try not to say yeah, quite as much as I have been doing. I take these videos every week and let me just adjust the camera slightly there.


Yeah, I do these videos each week and they run through, I run through the recording and/ get a transcript of it made up, which is pretty accurate usually, to be fair, but I do go through it the last read through  and just check stupid grammar etc. And I’ve noticed that I do tend to say yeah an awful lot of times. I think it’s a maybe a good idea to transcribe what you speak sometimes and maybe look at words that you use over and over again.


This has certainly taught me that I use yeah quite a bit. I sound like an ageing hippie I think. Anyway Monday last week, we start the week on Monday.

I do my usual weekly mentoring with Paul, one of my mentors, where he more or less decides what he’s going to do for that week or the next few weeks sort of thing. It can be anything, we cover as well as sort of affiliate marketing, social media, AI, investments, mindset, anything and everything can be covered there. Anyway this , his subject was moving yourself from a learner to an expert and suggesting the way you do that is by publishing a book, writing and publishing a book.

So what he’s suggesting is, you know, we think about something which we know fairly well for us to write and can it be sort of tied in some way to your niche and then you sort of go through a process of what books you have, what was your only bookshelf, what books you’ve read and so on and so on. So the training is likely to be two or three weeks long I would think and at the end of that we, we are going to know basically how, how to, how to create a book which, can be, you know, it’s tied to our niche and which will give us a, give us the credibility,  the appearance of being an of being an expert in the field. What we’re going to be doing basically is, taking our knowledge what we’ve learned from different books and putting it together which, I think 99% of non-fiction books are.  a collection of what the author has learned from other books.

There’s nothing much new on the planet to learn. Yeah, so as I say, this sort of subject is going to be over the next few weeks. It’s not actually something he teaches in his business but it’s something that he practices because he has got several books to his name and I do believe from the first week that, that we’re going to be actually making sure there’s a market for the book before we actually do the writing which could be interesting.

I will wait and see and at the end of, at the end of the training on that I will sort of do a video and a post on the blog  just to let you know, how he does it, how he,  and how he, how he frames it etc etc. So yeah, that was about all we covered on the Mondays.

So having a book, a published book will give you the credibility. You sit there in photos with your book in your hand.   We’re not looking at producing masterpieces, it’s not the book, it’s a book, 80 to 100 pages.

Oh yeah, interesting project and it is something that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while, what I had, how to sort of get there and do it. I haven’t got around to yet so we’ll see at the end of this what time I have available and see what we’re caught with.

Anyway, after Paul’s mentoring I go on to retaking, yeah, retaking the Advertising Agency Accelerator training, which is a 12-week training by a guy called Sam.

He has experience of operating a couple of Facebook Advertising Agencies  The reason I’m doing (the course again)  is because, you know, although I do have, I’ve done it once and I do, I also, I own a Facebook Agency and have clients and I want to run through it again, refresh myself on everything, make sure I’ve got everything in place as it should be, or I think I’m doing a reasonable job for the, for the few accounts I have.   I’ve also sort of, as we go, as I’m working through the, the modules, I’m recording my own take on them, so I’ve got a set of recordings to put together at the end of it, which I will use in my own training on exactly the same subject.  So, you know, I have had this course before and I’ve done a couple of other trainings from different people on shorter courses, but yeah, a mixture of the three and my particular take on, on the creation and running of a Facebook Ad Agency will be coming, coming around, coming about sort of by the end of the year I would imagine I would hope, so, something for the future there.

So, on the training this week, the, the topic was sort of  getting your client a, a lead magnet,  which, you know, some clients, some, some sort of small businesses do not have a  clue what a lead magnet is.

Obviously, if you’re involved in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, you will know, I will just run through the sort of ideas that were given out. Obviously, I’ll do it on a, on a theme that we want a lead magnet for a making money online niche. So, you know, create something that’s highly relevant and, and highly, and a great value I’d say that.

It’ll solve a problem and  although it’s free, although you’re giving something away free, you do have to sell it. So, it’s got to be saleable and it’s, it’s got to be the high perceived value, if you like. Personally, I would probably sit down and, and create something with some outlines with GPT and then sort of, you know, fill that out with your own style.

There’s various different things you can do, make something that’s actually yours, so it’s not available from, you know, lots and lots of different people on the internet in your niche. And dress it up nicely, so that it looks professional and, and that’s your lead magnet.

The secret, you know, for something which you’re selling, which is sort of low ticket, low ticket items, your lead magnet should be something that can be consumed with within about five minutes,   Anything,  longer, they’re just going to, you send them somewhere, that’s going to take them hours and hours and hours to, to read through they’re probably going to put it somewhere and not do it, not do it then, sort of thing. And so, yeah, you want something free that they’re going to interact with and then come back and want to interact with you some more. Yeah, lead magnets are very important, obviously the better value you give, the more perception, the perspective of customer, of, of wanting to reciprocate, because if you give them something free that they feel sort of indebted to you, and maybe they psychologically they need to reciprocate in some way, because, you know, the scales aren’t balanced.

So yeah, I think the, the most important thing with Facebook ads is be specific and relevant. I want to, I want to use the word specificity, I mean, I can’t pronounce it, specificity, and relevance, but be specific and relevant (we’ll do that). Um, so every, every way through the, uh, every way through you, through your advert is, is relevant.

Yeah, so your headline or your picture, your headline, your text, and your lead magnet, all relevant to your niche, um, even down to the demographics of it, if you like, which you know from your customer avatar.

A lot of the week, actually last week, was taken up with marketing for my Facebook agency, and I do that through Facebook groups.  My niche market for customers there is, is the home improvement, so local business home improvement sector, particularly soft furnishing, window blinds, curtains, etc., things like that. Obviously, I have a background in those businesses so I’ve got a bit of a head start, I do know the customer, some sort of idea of the customer profiles, and what they want, what they’re looking for, pain points,  so I need less research.  If I’m doing a campaign for a window blind business I’ve got all the research I need, because I’ve been in the trade for 25 years, so, you know, I know it pretty well   So, that’s the why I stick, stick to there,

So  I go and join Facebook groups, well, particularly window blinds, I have two,groups, one of which I’m an administrator for so I can actually reach everybody, every active member of that group with one post, it’s a bit of an advantage.  That’s the way I’m promoting it at the moment, and, with reasonable success, you know.   there’s a few people interested, I’ve got get them on the phone and do a presentation for them.

Thursday, I believe it was, I had my best day for affiliate marketing commission, when I got,  70 dollars plus.  Now, this is from a customer whose been on my email list since this time last year so it just shows you, you know, things don’t happen today, they happen sort of any time going forward, so  as my other mentor, Dean Holland, would say it’s the process of people coming onto your list, get to know you, like you, trust you, and then they start buying, and you start earning affiliate commission.  So, yeah, getting closer to that next milestone, which is hundred dollars in one day then it’s a thousand dollar day after that.  I can feel it coming, yeah, if you know what I mean, and I know that I can make a dollar, I know that I can make ten dollars, I can make it, I can make seventy dollars now, so a hundred, I know that it’s achievable and it’s just a case of following the process and being patient sounds easy not everybody can do it, unfortunately.

So come the end of the week, and the place we rent here had some problems with the drainage, and it’s rent time, so we’re trying to get the landlord to sort out the repairs that are badly needed to the place, but he’s insisted on full rent before he does any of the work.  Even if I was in the UK, I wouldn’t pay a full rent on something which is 100% correct, you know, I was prepared to pay half the rent, and half when the faults were fixed, but, no, it’s not acceptable, and that’s not acceptable to me, to pay it all, and then they’ll come a long  to do the work, because I know there’s a 99% chance in this country that it won’t happen!

So  my wife went off to have a look around for suitable properties.  She’s a Gambian, so,

you know, she knows the way around, and, um, I don’t speak the language particularly well, uh, if at all, to be honest, so she came back with a short list of two, which I went to see on Sunday, we decided on one, I paid the rent yesterday, and we’re basically in the process of moving, and that’s my wife in the background, in fact at two o’clock this morning I woke up, and, and the stuff in the bedroom was being moved around me, so, you know, I wasn’t too pleased at the time, hey-ho, let’s go.

So, next week we’ll be coming from, a different location, the new place has got some absolutely wicked,  verandas, and, and, and an amazing, rooftop terrace which is going to make for some very interesting video backgrounds when I’m in this country. Oh, and a, and a nice office as well, uh, a nice private office there for myself, so, all good

Uh, so, yeah, on for this week, um, again, well, you won’t realise, because it’ll be Tuesday when this goes out on YouTube but usually record on a Monday, yesterday was busy with rents, etc, so, you know, I’m a day late recording, next week I’ll be recording on a Monday, 100%.

Okay, well, thanks for watching, and, uh, catch you next week, guys.

Thank you, bye.


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