Hi.  Feels like I’ve not been in here for ages.  I missed my usual weekly update that usually appears on a YouTube on a Monday then on here on a Tuesday.

Seems like I’ve lost the last 3 to 4 weeks for various reason  First I had food poisoning, then travelled back to the UK which takes a few days in travelling and opening up the home here.

The sad thing that happened was that my dad sadly passed away last Sunday evening.  He was 87 and had suffered a stroke last year.  As he told me a couple of years ago when my mother was still with us and was telling me I needed a haircut or something.  You should be happy to have a mother to keep me in order at your age.  Indeed that is true.

It’s with  gratitude that I acknowledge what he told me back then  and how fortunate I’ve been to have both of my birth parents by my side for so long. Remarkably, my birthday falls just six months prior to their wedding anniversary, a timing that, in their era, often resulted in babies being placed for adoption. Their decision to keep and raise me together, despite the norms of their time, has been a precious gift that shaped the person I am today.

We did expect that he didn’t have long left with us but it was still a shock for the family.

Anyway from a work perspective I’ve been doing some bits and managed to put in at least an hour a day,  It’s usually more but its kept things moving.  Not working on my business is alien to me, its something I inherited from my dad.

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