In a recent weekly video diary I mentioned that I had enrolled on a course which promises that I will be able write and publish a book on Amazon.  Oh and make sales too!.  Anyway I hopped on to that and said I’d put an hour a day into it and see how it goes and anyway I’ve always loved doing creative stuff

Anyway here’s an update so far

Day 1 was basically setting up accounts.

First was an Amazon KDP account.  Seems I already have one!  Maybe it was because I’ve got a  Amazon associates account or maybe I set it up for some other reason in the past.

Next was Canva and I already have an account because I do all my designs in there already

Finally Reedsy  To be honest I don’t know what that’s for at the moment and I’ve not had time to look what it’s all about but I’ve got an account now and it’s ready to do whatever!

Day 2 Was choosing the topic title and designing the cover.  The title I’ve chosen is “Discover The Gambia – The Land of Smiles and Sunsets” with the subtitle.  Mainly because I live here half of my time these days.

The subtitle “A Personal Guide to The Gambia’s Must See sights, Culinary Delights and Activities.

My cover is below

It’s aparantly not about creating a best seller.  It’s all about getting a book out there,  Now where have I heard that before?

Day 3 was all about the writing the outline of the book,  I am getting the idea of the structure of this.  You need to have a framework to follow.

Today was day 4 and what do you know.  They opened some new road up here and I got stuck in traffic for over an hour so my time allocated to this was curtailed but I still managed to make a start and got to just under 1000 words on paper, or should I day computer.

I’ve also decided I’ll publish 2 eBooks using what I’m learning.  The other will be 34 lists of 34 items on an online and affiliate marketing theme.  It’s basically already created so just needs final set-up and publishing.  It’s something I came up with because of the SteveMoore34 theme.

It could become a valuable source of ideas for blog posts, social media posts etc.  34 x 34 = 1156.  That’s over 3 years worth of ideas at one a day.  I also plan to make it available with full reprint and resell rights with all the artwork etc and with a bonus list called “34 Ways To Make Money With these 34 Lists”  Watch out for details,

Watch out for an update on the rest of the 7 days and beyond too.  Let’s see if I can make sales from these 2 titles.

2 thoughts on “Can I really write a book, publish it and make sales in 7 days?”
  1. Thank you for sharing the process for ebook publishing. I just read from your most recent post that your ebook is live on Amazon. Congratulation for the achievement.

    Just curious. Did you use ChatGpt to help you with your ebook content or is it all manually written? Since you did mention about ChatGpt in your previous post.

    1. Thenks for visiting and taking the time to comment, No I didn’t use ChatGPT as such for the writing but I did to do web searches to get relevent info from various sources, It searches and find relevant stuff a whole lot faster the me!
      The Book went live today and I’m waiting my 1st sale. I’ll do an uodate when 1 get that

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