Quick Update on My Write and Publish a Book 7 Day Challenge Experiment

Phew!  Just finished day 5 of my book writing and publishing challenge and its now day 6.  BUT day 1 didn’t start till 5pm UK time so technically I’m still on schedule to as day 6 is only 1 hour old as I write this.

I did allow myself 1 hour a day for this challenge (experiment) but the actual 2 writing days have taken a total of I’d guess 5 hours to come up with 5000 words.  My actual word count is 5384.

I must admit that towards the end of the writing process some of my descriptions do become briefer but I was mindful of my outline and the amount of time it was taking.  It’s all spellchecked with the word processer and I have several photos just to drop into place.

So I think that was the hardest part of the book done.  IF I do decide to do any more writing in the future (you never know what lies ahead) I now know that I could comfortably write around 1000 words a day

On to day 6.  I’ll look at the training and instructions later.  I believe that I’ll be publishing the book and I have an hour scheduled for that tomorrow but it’s Sunday so early start before the family wake up, a couple of hours work then relaxing day.

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