Here is my latest weekly update of my journey towards affiliate marketing success.  If you prefer to read there is a transcript below the video

In the video I mention my  2 major mentors, Paul O’Mahoney and Dean Holland who are both excellent and highly recommended.  If you would like to check out their respective opening offers please click on the links below

For Paul O’Mahoney & Rethink Social Media 

For Dean Holland and Internet Profits 


Hi there, Steve here and this week I’ve come indoors because there’s an awful lot of building work going on around here and they’re making quite a bit of noise. It’s an up-and-coming area I think and there’s a lot of big houses being built around here. Anyway, last week, with it being the end of  Ramadan  the celebrations which go on around that, they call it Koreteh here.


The internet wasn’t brilliant, the country more or less closed down and I was feeling a little bit jaded so I had the week off. I did a couple of calls from a Facebook advertising agency, prospective clients, but other than that it was more or less a resting week, I felt a bit jaded, I was feeling a bit jaded and I think I really needed it just to recharge a little bit if you like.


So anyway, what I’ve decided to do this week is sort of give you some details of my background in business and particularly the home business. When I look back, I’ve actually been involved in home businesses going back pre-internet.


Yeah, pre-internet days, so mid to late 1990s when I was working for a shipping company. I was, strangely enough, a computer manager. Basically, I took the attitude with computers when they were coming in that they weren’t going to take my job, or that if I got to know how to work them they wouldn’t take my job.

I had the attitude that I wasn’t scared of them, I was going to learn it and get on with it and do it. So I got the job of sort of computer manager, which at that time for the shipping company was a sort of going between the people who were operating the system, operating the computer and what they wanted to do and the programmers, yeah, the people who were programming the software and writing the different programs that were needed by specific companies. Yeah, it was quite enjoyable time anyway, yeah, but around that time I started getting involved in sort of home business ideas and I started with MLM, Multilevel Marketing, with Amway, good old Amway of all people, and bombed out of that, didn’t like that.

So I also got involved in sort of home publishing. Home publishing was very big at that time in various circles where you would sort of home publish, sort of, you’d buy products with resale rights and resell them on for a commission and there were also various sort of multilevel marketing offers on the go around that time as well. Some of them were very, very much, what you would say, money lines and there were a lot of them closed down.

A lot of people lost money around that time and, you know, it became not a nice place to be, if you like, but there were ethical things about. Around that, you know, late 1990s I did actually publish a small business opportunity magazine which carried adverts and carried articles about how to make money from home when you spare time, basically. So, you know, I’m going back 30 plus years. I’ve sort of been involved in this sort of area, if you like.

My little magazine, Viking International News, it was sort of, I don’t know what, 30 pages, 32 pages, a mix of adverts and articles. Some were written by me, some were written by others, but yeah, it was useful information with adverts.

It used to do about 500 copies of it, 500 or so copies of it. There was a subscription, I think there was a compensation plan with it, so it was a little bit like affiliate marketing, yeah, so people who subscribe to the magazine could also promote the magazine, promote subscription to the magazine, and receive a commission, which was, yeah, which worked well. Also around that time I formed a partnership with the printer I was using, so we had, I’ve got half a share of the printing business, and we put the two together.

We also did leaflet distribution around the local area, and we also got a contract for a couple of free newspaper deliveries, which, yeah, were profitable, but bloody hard work when you recruit people to do the work, and when they get sick and you have to go and cover certain areas door to door. Yeah, they kept us fit for a couple of years, I guess, but, you know, it wasn’t a long-term thing really, but that’s how I got into the, I went into the window blind business, which I’ve been in for, I had been in for 25 plus years, was up to a reasonable size manufacturing business, but also all the way through that I have had the, I had the ability to help others to start their own business, yeah, so maybe sort of  20 years ago I did write a little guide, it’s been updated a couple of times, and it’s now obviously an e-book, but it’s how to start your own window blind retail business, it’s available online still, and recently I have done a sort of online course which follows on from that, when I came back, you know, when I got heavily into the affiliate and sort of online marketing scene a couple of years ago, when I took that in the Click Funnels I did I did the training course on sort of how to do different aspects of running a window blind retail business, and that’s still running.

Also I’ve done online, I was on eBay quite a while with the window blinds, I think we were one of the first people in the UK at least to offer the window blinds out to people, probably two or three other companies as well, but that became absolutely ridiculous, everybody, and I’m afraid that most people in the window blind industry seem to want to bring the prices right down to the bottom, right down, not bottom, so it became unprofitable, or not profitable enough, put it that way, to put the effort into it, so we stopped that.

Sort of about around, around 10 years ago, I got involved in matched betting, matched betting and cashing out Bookmaker and Casino bonuses, yeah that was good, that was good for a couple of years, but yeah, we were making sort of five figures a year, people who were really into it, were making six, seven figures from the bookmakers, but obviously they don’t like it, although it’s match betting, and they were maybe losing nothing apart from some of the casinos, which there were loopholes, which people did make thousands of pounds from, but most of the loopholes are now I think closed.

I think it’s probably possible to still make money in betting, but it’s more difficult than what it was when you could guarantee, you know, if the bookmaker was giving you £50, a £50 bonus to open your account, you could take £40 of that out, you could guarantee you would have £40 of that, if you bet won or lost, so yeah, that was quite an interesting time, yeah, it reminded me of that on Saturday actually, because it was the Grand National Day  in the UK, which used to be an excellent payday for those of us involved in  that area of betting,

So this brings me on to my sort of recent past, so I decided a few years ago that my business, my offline business, we needed to look at its social marketing promotions, if you like, so I began looking around for different things, different places I could learn how to do Facebook adverts, Google adverts maybe, I did a quick course on Google adverts, but I found it too expensive for me, I think at that time, for the size of the company, I think Google adverts, you need to be talking thousands a month, outlay on adverts,

Facebook you can do for less, so anyway, to cut a long story short, I attended, or I watched a webinar by a guy called Paul O’Mahoney, which I related to, it was basically Rethink Social Media by his Rethink Academy, so it’s a course on all of the social media channels, so he did a, I think a four-day course online at that time, because it was during Covid,  I went into that, it’s a foundation course in all or the most of the social media, so most of the main social media platforms, then if you want to go further, you could sort of specialise in different areas, or different social media channels, different areas, I decided to invest in that, because I was interested in Facebook advertising, which I think was, and I still think is, one of the best methods of interruption marketing, or THE best method of interruption marketing there is.   So I did the Facebook advertising course, a 12-week course, and I’m redoing that for a couple of reasons, one of which is to recap on it basically, and the reason is to record what I’m learning, as though I’m teaching it to somebody else, and then I’m going to put that together as a course, which will be available, I would say, sometime during the third quarter of the year, there’s quite a bit of work involved in it, but yeah, I’m working on that now.

So then I was looking at somebody who was going to help me with the actual  affiliate marketing, focus on affiliate marketing if you like, and so I found another mentor, Dean Holland, who, yeah, I like his style, and I actually signed up for his sort of higher price, slightly higher price than his free plus postage book.   I decided yeah, I’m going to invest the higher sum as well, and sort of invest in my future if you like, so my motto or my thinking is, if you want to do something, learn from people who have done it, so you know, he has, as Paul has.

So I have two mentors now, so I’ve got Paul O’mahoney, who’s the Rethink Academy, and Dean Holland, who is Internet Profits, and basically, I only promote, as an affiliate, I only promote products from those two people. That is apart from obviously, things like, things like auto responders, and stuff like that, which I will, I will promote ones which I have value from,

I’ve been in the home business sector going on for 30 plus years now, I guess, and I believe I’ve helped a lot of people along the way, I like to think I have anyway.

I know in the window blind trade, there are a lot of people who have got thriving businesses now, who I helped start up, I’m really proud of that.  Hopefully, I will get the opportunity of working with many people in the affiliate marketing, online marketing sector, maybe you, yourself, I don’t know, but I’d be more than happy to help, because your success is my success,

So if you want to, if you want to work with somebody who is not a multi million pound a year earner – yet, you know, he’s much closer to your level, hey, I’m your man, so reach out and, and we’ll, take the path together, okay, great to speak to you today, and great to reminisce about my, my life in business I guess, so yeah, okay, see you next week, guys,

Hopefully this week, I’ll get some work done,  I’m working on, I’m working on something right now, which is my own product, which I’m very excited about, which I have, I hoped for, anyway, that should be launchin mid-May, I would say mid-May, if not before, we’ll see, anyway, keep your eyes peeled for that, and I say thanks for watching, and see you next week,  Thank you.  bye.

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