INSIGHT TRACK – Navigating the Future With Data Driven Insights. 

Here is my latest video recording details of my journey to what I hope will be online success.  If you would rather read there’s a transcript below the video


Insight Track – Navigating the Future with Data-Driven Insights


Hey there Steve here and welcome to my weekly video where I share updates from my online business over the past week.

Yeah today I missed recording yesterday so it’s Tuesday morning first thing here in Gambia and yeah St. George’s Day today in the UK patrons in the UK famous slaying dragons apparently so I don’t know anyway St. George’s Day in the UK so happy St. George’s Day everybody in the UK. (Actually I do know that St George is the Patron Saint of only England so sorry that was an error).

So the weekly recap then last week Monday as usual I had the mentoring with Paul, Paul Mahoney who was apparently just back from a Board of Experts conference in the States and the day before he’d been on a speaking engagement where he met up with Nigel Farage where he got to discuss with him the fact that banks are closing people’s accounts with sort of no reason given.  Obviously sort of people not in the UK won’t know Nigel Farage, he is a probably divisive character I would describe him,  he was behind all the you know one of the people who pushed for Brexit but he has lost his bank account recently and apparently he sort of looked into it and several hundred thousand businesses in the UK have been debanked over the last year or so,  which is absolutely amazing figure.  Now he was obviously had his bank account withdrawn due to his political views I guess.

I can I can actually quite believe that because even myself this is a crazy analogy probably but even myself when I’m here in the Gambia, where the economy is very much cash-based, so I don’t have a bank account it’s all back in the UK so  what I have to do is try to make a transfer from my bank in the UK to  here to myself here now when I do that invariably the transfer does get picked up by whoever,  sort of I think it’s a financial conduct. or it’ll be something like that that monitors cash movements if you like.   Invariably mine get selected for extra checks now I’ve looked into this and basically it’s because there is a an Australian politician with a very similar name to mine. There’s a couple of people who have been found guilty of money laundering as well but you know I think it’s mainly because the politician I don’t know.

I know banks are very strange.  Anyway Paul shared a story about his early online business life and the day he and a partner put on a an event yeah, speaking event where they offered a product or a service I don’t know what it was he didn’t tell us what it was anyway they took sales of around $50,000 on the day by PayPal  but PayPal with it being an account which had been sort of just ticking over they cancelled the account and gave all the customers their money back which we can imagine what was a bit of a blow to them so you know banks don’t seem to like if you start making a lot of money quick.  I think yeah banks certainly here in the UK I’m sure everywhere in the world, they don’t like cash so you know a lot of these businesses were closed down were sort of a cash business or mainly cash businesses but some were not and I’m guessing that some were online businesses you know banks are I seem to be a very strange people you know.  I know here in the UK if you went into a bank and try to deposit sort of five thousand pounds plus you’re gonna get taken away into a room and asked to explain you know where it came from. Paul did just emphasise the importance of having backups so in his experience with PayPal he just suggests having two PayPal accounts if you can and two Stripe accounts this is down the line I know.   Maybe  some of us are very early  into our online journey and not you know taking payments now we would love it if we could take fifty thousand yeah fifty thousand dollars in a day!  But you know it’s a why wait until you get there.   Set your set yourself up now set yourself up from the beginning so that it’s there in place already you can put some money through your business account you know to warm them up if you like and it won’t come as a big shock to the bank or to the card provider when you start making the big money likewise with business accounts business bank accounts.  He suggests getting two business bank accounts just in case you get debanked,  and it is happening there may be not the easiest things to get but you know get yourself a business bank account as soon as you can so that you are ready.  It’s all about you know building,  building the foundations if you if you like.

Last week seemed to be email week to be honest.  We on the internet profits gathering, meeting, online event on Thursday.  The topic was emails and the three Dean and  his  coaching team each gave their view on their methods on email marketing.  It was a very interesting session and you know it’s something that I am actively working at the moment, my emails.

I believe my paid advertising is working extremely well, very well indeed in fact.  I’ll go with that in a moment,  but it’s the whole package that makes the sales, adverts don’t make profits so I have been looking into that and you know if I do marketing strategies I’ve taken  insights of all three and I’ve also been reading some books on the subject so yeah I’m taking it all in.    I will put a written blog out anyone interested in marketing the three things I as a couple of books I read last week and I’ve also been following the emails of a guy called Paul Buzan and al lady called Laura BelgJo

You know last week I think it’s football week,  soccer if you that way inclined to call it soccer but yeah let’s call it football.   So the football season here in the UK is getting towards the end of the season where titles are waiting titles are won and lost and cups are won and lost so yeah last week I think I watched eight games in seven days but you know it’s the exciting part of the season and it’s one of the things I do to relax if you like.

Unfortunately my team had a pretty poor week apart from right at the end when they got a one a win so Liverpool you know,  we’re knocked out of the Europa Cup and they lost the chance of going top of the league for the but it there’s a few games to go there and they may well get there you never know.

You know one thing that did come out of that was there was a very scrappy goal which won a much one of the days.  I don’t know the guy sort of the player sort of miss it,  he miss hit his shot and it flew into the into the corner of the goal and won the match for his team taking them back to the top of the league!  You know it’s brilliant to score you know brilliant work and brilliantly executed goals,  but you know they don’t have to be beautiful to count so I think that’s a something we should all take into consideration our online businesses it doesn’t have to be perfect get it going and you know perfect imperfection can work and can bring results so yeah.

That’s all for now and well this week it’s more of more work on my project that I’m working on a slightly new project which will be sort of maybe three weeks away and this week we’re sorting out the positive self-talk funnel and I’ve got a plan to go back to the UK I need to go back to the UK maybe next week sometime so you know arranging tickets for that as well and getting prepared for a change in temperature from here to there okay.

Brilliant speaking to you this week and have an excellent week whatever you’re doing and yeah, thanks for reading and bye

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