In the evolving world of Facebook advertising, creative content is taking centre stage. Traditional targeting methods are being complemented and sometimes even replaced by advanced creative strategies powered by AI and machine learning. Many prominent agency owners are using this method and I have been using it for several months now.

Leveraging Facebook’s AI and Machine Learning

Facebook’s AI capabilities have transformed how ads are created and delivered. By using Facebook’s Dynamic Creative, I can automatically generate personalized ad variations for each viewer, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. This feature optimizes ad components such as images, headlines, and primary text, ensuring each user sees the most relevant version of the ad.  As a result, my advert needs very little monitoring.  Maybe once a week I need to go in and just check how each of the creatives (image, headline and primary text), are performing and replace any low performing element.

How It Works

Dynamic Creative: This feature allows the automatic creation of multiple ad variations by combining different images, headlines, and primary texts. It ensures that the best-performing combinations are shown to the right audience.

Text Variations: Facebook Ads Manager can generate up to five variations of primary text and headlines. This highlights key selling points and keywords, tailoring messages to different audience segments.

Results Achieved

By combining these advanced features, my ads achieved significant results:

245 Leads: The dynamic creative strategy led to the generation of 245 leads.

Cost Efficiency: The cost per lead was reduced to around 79 cents, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of this approach.

Embracing these innovative strategies has revolutionized my marketing efforts, proving that creative truly is the new targeting on Facebook.

Capture is only part of the Business

I think I’ve got targeting and hook (capture) mastered from what I call my  4 focus areas “T.H.E.M” approach, (Target, Hook, Engage, Monetise).  I am now concentrating on writing emails and getting good at it.  The only way to do that is to write emails which I am now doing.  I try write 2 every day in fact combined with studying emails from top marketers and am confident that everything will come together to complete the package.

If you are interested in exactly how I do my adverts please email me at  If there’s enough interest I’ll organise a free workshop for subscribers to my email list.

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