Welcome to my regular, hopefully weekly, business update. It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through June! Time is flying by, and it’s a bit crazy to think we’re already at the 15th. Last week, I talked about planning for June, and this week, I’ve scheduled some Facebook and other social media posts for the rest of the week.

Despite a busy week with Monday being a day off for a funeral and Thursday spent packing and sending items to Gambia, it was surprisingly productive. We sent desks, computers, and other items from the old factory—some for personal use, some to give away, and possibly some to sell. My wife needed to do some shopping before returning to Gambia, so Friday was another packed day. However, I managed to get a lot done in those two days.

I’ve started booking appointments for myself in my calendar, which has been incredibly productive. Each evening, I spend 15 to 30 minutes planning the next day, identifying four key tasks to focus on. This method helps me stay organized and on track.

Last week, I created a lot of content, including five mini guides for an upcoming project and several summer promotion ideas for social media and email. I’m also working on perfecting my email writing skills, aiming to send an email to my list every day starting next Monday.

My wife has returned to Gambia, and we’re still deciding if I’ll join her later this month or if she’ll come back to the UK for the summer. For now, I’m staying here to complete some tasks. This week, I have a packed schedule, including collating and editing the mini guides into an ebook format and preparing for my first webinar.

I’ve also been contacted by some old customers about window blinds. While it’s not my main focus, I’m willing to take on these jobs for now to generate some income to support my affiliate marketing and agency business.

Another exciting development is my plan to revive a Facebook group I started a few years ago for people in the window blind business. With more time and experience now, I’m looking to provide marketing help to members and potentially gain some clients.

That’s all for this week. With my wife in Gambia, I’ll have more time to focus on work and hopefully get a lot done. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll catch you next time!

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